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We are a design build general contracting firm that has handled everything from small maintenance work to complete ground up projects.

We have handled all aspects of a turnkey construction process to make new or remodel building projects as simple and worry free as possible. We have always "value engineered" each project to help owners and tenants come to a reasonable final cost that works for both sides.

Pre-Construction Services: We assist owners, tenants and designers by completing detailed assessments to identify pre-existing conditions that might adversely impact the project as proposed. Our team can then use Bokal’s extensive historical cost data and up-to-date commodity prices to establish project budgets that are typically accurate to within 3%. Our customers feel we provide the most accurate budgeting and this allows their programs to move forward with confidence in them achieving the desired results.

Design/Build:  The design/build method allows greater collaboration among the members of the team and oftentimes enables us to reduce the project’s overall duration. Empire’s design/build method includes project assessment, project definition and objectives, feasibility studies, value engineering, and full construction services.

Construction Management: As a relationship-based service provider we make our greatest effort in understanding the goals of the end users, the project requirements, and the budget constraints and work with the design team and the owner in any desired format to best satisfy those goals.

Post-construction:  Project closeout of each project includes the timely completion of all punch-list items and the delivery of comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals and as-built drawings to the owner.

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